How is your Sportful kit made?

As distributors of fine goods we are often asked what sets Sportful apart from the rest, well its not as simple as setting ourselves apart from others, that comes down to the service we provide and the business bit our end but no matter what we still need the backing of a premium clothing manufacturer and it doesn’t get much better than Manifattura Valcismon S.p.A.  

Housed under one roof Sportful shares its facilities with sister brand Castelli, ah Castelli as I hear the penny dropping with those reading this as you realise that the two brands although seperate do infact share a lot of the technology and methods between them so its no surprise that Sportful rates as some of the best fitting and technologically advanced clothing you can buy.

How does this translate to the custom clothing as surely most of this is now made in China and you guys stick a bit on top and make a few Euros?  Not at all infact we use Sportful as everything is traceable and transparent from the start, Sportful is an established brand that has a huge line in both Cycling and Ski apparel and are leaders in their respective fields and their production facilities are well documented online.  They are a family owned and run business (as many businesses in Italy like this are) and the whole process from start to finish takes place in Italy, well technically we recently moved our design process to Ireland as we found it easier to collaborate with customers here and it further speeds up the process as often designs can be turned around in 48 hours start to finish!

If you are still reading this then you deserve to see inside the factory and a recent tour with Pro Cycling Magazine shows you just how much effort really goes into your custom clothing and we don’t think there are many companies that are happy for you to delve into their production facilities and then let them be published online.  Thats the transparent bit.

Castelli – Sportful Factory: How A Jersey is Printed from cyclingtips on Vimeo.

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