5 star bikes for a 5 star hotel..

BMC have taken to the roads of Killarney courtesy of the 5 star Killarney Park Hotel who have just taken delivery of this fleet of BMC alpenchallenge’s.  These bikes are the perfect blend of comfort and style enabling guests to tour and explore this beautiful area in comfort and style.

Guests now have the opportunity to explore the National Park situated next door and it’s great to see the Killarney Park Hotel investing in facilities that benefit their clients both from a enjoyment aspect but also ensuring that people get to see parts of the park they might otherwise miss out on if they didn’t have the ability to explore by bike.

Marcus Treacy (Operations Manager) at the Killarney Park:

“Here at The Killarney Park Hotel we are delighted to partner with BMC bikes in an effort to offer additional amenities to our guests. We are fortunate to be located in the centre of Killarney but also right next to the entrance to Killarney House and Killarney National Park and these bikes will give a great option for people to get out and enjoy the National Park. Killarney is also a very popular destination for Adventure Travel so what better way to get guests out exploring the local national bike than on these fabulous bikes.”

Killarney Park Hotel website: www.killarneyparkhotel.ie