The Scicon Jersey Bin Waterproof pocket pouch is a easy-to-use, lightweight and waterproof accessory for cyclists. This is the ideal solution for storing and securing electronics and valuables
in your jersey pockets. They will stay protected and safe from rain or perspiration.

Designed specifically for cyclists, the Scicon Jersey Bin slides neatly into your jersey back pocket and protects contents like your mobile phone against rain and perspiration, keeping them safe, clean and dry. Constructed from top quality lightweight vinyl, this waterproof pouch will not weigh you down.

The clear vinyl allows all items to be seen and smartphones with touch screens can be operated and calls can be made and received without having to remove the phone from the pocket pouch.

This useful case comes with a horizonatal zip lock meaning that items can be added and removed easily. The Jersey Bin Waterproof Pocket is highly durable against extremes in temperature- hot or cold; this reliable pouch is constructed to last.

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