The BodyFit Pro Speedsuit was developed in collaboration with the athletes of Pro Team Tinkoff with one purpose – speed. In a grand tour every split second counts and when the athlete’s body is one of the largest factors in aerodynamics it’s the area where there is the most to lose or gain. Using a combination of our most aero material we have created a suit that in wind tunnel tests beats it’s competitors hands down.

  • Aerodynamic Ergonomic Fit
  • 3D structural material to detach airflow (back)
  • AeroFlow Compress with dimpled effect (chest)
  • AeroFlow Compress for Aerodynamics and compression to prevent muscle fatigue (outer leg panels)
  • Bodyfit Pro Seatpad
  • AeroMesh for perfect fit and aerodynamics (arms and shoulders)
  • Aeroflow Compress leg fabric
  • Seams placed at rear to further reduce drag
  • TC Pro seat pad


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